Propylene Storage Tankers

We BNH Gas Tans are manufacturer and exporter of Propylene Storage Tankers, propylene transport tanks, propylene oxide storage tanks, liquid propylene transport tankers. We provide complete installations of bulk storage tanks both 1,000 and 2,000 gallon horizontal and vertical tanks where space is limited. It is a colorless, extremely combustible, non-toxic, easily inflammable gas.

Propylene gas tank is supplied through a combination of direct pickup from Manufacturing source locations and storage workshops strategically located all over the Worldwide. The product is transported through jumbo tanker trucks and stored in workshop bulk holding facilities with capacity exceeding 40,000 gallons, then loaded into transport carriers that deliver the product to the customer’s bulk storage facility. It is intended to provide general information to persons who may handle or store for propylene.

Technical Specification:
Design Pressure : 18bar
Test Pressure : 30bar
Design Temperature : -20 / + 50 ° C
Design Code : AD 2000 Code EN - 13445, ASME, CODAP
Volume : 1000 and 2000 gallon

The two basic storage types of vessels used to store for propylene gas.

1. Propylene Bullet Tanks
2. Propylene Spherical Storage Tanks
Propylene gas can be stored at atmospheric temperature, but in fully pressurized spheres. propylene gas tank selecting a proper storage tank for construction purpose carbon steel this material is a good choice for pressurized spheres. Carbon steel will be suitable for temperature down to -50 ͦ F. Propylene gas tank is generally described as a volatile, colorless gas at room temperature.

These products are widely used in
• Chemical industries
• Pharmaceutical industries
• Petrochemical Industries
• Agro chemical industries
• Textile industries and Fertilizer industries.

Liquid propylene gas storage tank is stored in tightly closed tanks and is transported in railway tanks. Both the railway and storage tanks are made from low-temperature steel, cooled bellow propylene boiling point or pressurized.

Propylene has established its productivity countrywide for applications that include stress relieving, brazing, soldering, flame hardening and flame cutting, heating, preheating etc.
The vessel types must have a foundation suitable for the tank design they are constructed from steel or concrete are designed to transmit all loads to the earth.

Propylene is available in economical bulk stations with capacities 1,000 to 12,000 gallon horizontal and vertical tanks.

1. Propylene presents a significant fire and explosion hazards based on its physical properties. Including vapor pressure and bottling point. It can be quite redly form explosive mixtures in air as a result of its high vapor pressure.
2. Propylene gas tank of its worldwide use is transported by virtually every mode of transportation. The primary transportation modes are pipeline, rail, highway and marine.

Applications :
• This includes commercial refrigeration, chill cabinets, cold storage and food processing,
• Industrial refrigeration, small air conditioning systems and large air conditioning and chiller systems.
• No damage to the ozone layer is really the most environmental protection refrigerants.
• highest vapor pressure of all available fuel gases an important factor for cold weather



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